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Scott Fight

Scott Parker is the founder and CEO of TruResults and ScottPFit.com, a personal fitness company specializing in holistic approaches to create and maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. Established in 2006, the workout regimen of the TruResults system does not require the use of traditional gym equipment. In fact, it does not require any equipment at all. Indeed Scott has found his niche. His clients are serviced in their offices, homes, parks or anywhere they wish to workout. TruResults has attracted the likes of many celebrity clients and others on the move. Scott focuses on the best way to help his clients reach their fitness goals within the context of their individual lifestyles.Based on the foundations and principles of proper nutrition, good exercise and a positive attitude, Parker works with clients to increase their knowledge of healthy diets and wellness, increase their self confidence and stimulate their desire to improve physical appearance and presentation. He is one of three celebrity fitness trainers featured on the TV Guide Channel’s “Building the Hollywood Body”.


Scott has used his science-based education and professional experience to become a much sought-after personal trainer. While a student at Florida A&M University, he studied biology and chemistry. He also completed graduate work in pharmacology at the University. Having worked for several major pharmaceutical drug companies, Scott has clinical research experience and knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. He has over 12 years of personal training and martial arts practice and has used those skills and his science background to become a well-rounded expert in total body fitness. His abilities have made him the go to trainer for Hollywood stars who are interested in more than aesthetics, but total lifestyle change. His clients include Jill Scott, David Banner, Tisha Campbell, Mary, Mary, D’Angelo, Tasha Smith, and more.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Parker’s TruResults fitness system offers a three-tiered solution of nutrition, exercise and attitude to help its clients achieve a total wellness balance. ScottPFit.com offers Parker’s total approach to health and wellness from anywhere in the world.